Posted: December 9, 2016

RAI Mental Health Conference – March 23, 2017, OHA Education Centre, 200 Front Street West, 27th Floor, Toronto

Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) in collaboration with interRAI have assembled a day of learning and evaluation of ongoing Mental Health support needs, tools and future capabilities on March 23, 2017. AcuteNet is pleased to be sponsoring this event and look forward to your attendance.

The interRAI Mental Health Assessment System is a comprehensive standardized instrument for evaluating the needs, strengths and preferences of adults and youth with mental illness in in-patient psychiatric settings.

The Resident Assessment Instrument- Mental Health (RAI-MH) conference is a day of learning and evaluation of ongoing RAI-MH support needs, tools and future capabilities.

The target audience includes those who work in mental health facilities and hospitals with focus on mental health patient assessment and evaluation, RAI-Coordinators, Administrators and Project Managers, interRAI Network of Mental Health (iNMH) fellows, Hospital Administrators, Physicians, Clinicians, Nurse Managers and researchers.

Program Highlights are:
• Prevalence of mental health across health care settings
• Brief mental health screener
• Forensic supplement
• Empowering the use of your data
• HealthIM software showcase

AcuteNet will provide its sharing economy service offering to enable Mental Health Care professionals to access RAI-MH tools with customer feedback for the continued efficacy of AcuteNet’s service.