Custom Form Digitization Workflow Automation

  • APR – Automated Provider Report
  • ESOT – Equipment Supply Order Tool
Data Collection

  • Device Agnostic & User Driven data collection capability

Offline Mode

  • Secured offline capability in an event of no internet connection


  • Built-in validation based on customer provided requirements

Workflow automation

  • Built-in formulas for workflow automation in accordance with customer needs

User Driven Auto-population

  • Auto-population from demographics is enabled automatically
  • Auto-population from the historical assessment can be enabled per request
  • Auto-population based on the custom rules can be created by request


  • Built-in reporting engine for any assessment type with ability to save templates, filter options and download in Excel

Printed PDF

  • Enabled by default based on customer specifications

3rd Party Data Exchange

  • Web service online connectivity and as well offline data download to connect with any database or system to exchange information

Single Sign-On and VPN Integration
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