Posted: May 5, 2017

ITAC Health 2017 Queen’s Park Digital Health Day Reception – May 9th 2017 – Queen’s Park Legislative Dinning Room

AcuteNet is pleased to sponsor ITAC Health 2017 Queen’s Park Digital Health Day with the overall objective of improving quality of care through effective and efficient use of technology.

On May 9th, ITAC Health members will have the opportunity to discuss how Digital Health has improved health care in Ontario and the barriers that need to be addressed to continue to improve the quality of care, access and patient experience with Government of Ontario Ministers, Opposition Parties Health Critics, Members of Provincial Parliaments, Political Staff and as well industry leaders, and other fellow ITAC Health members.

With over 7 million clinical assessments delivered through AcuteNet Sharing Economy platform enabling over 10,000 frontline healthcare providers to deliver care to over 2 million patients in Canada, US and Asia, AcuteNet is looking forward to an engaging discussion on May 9th with health care thought leaders, influencers and change agents who share the passion for Digital Health.

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