Posted: June 7, 2017

Giving healthcare providers a secure, scalable solution – in the cloud…. a case study by NTT Data

This case study outlines how AcuteNet ensures each customer with their own container with a copy of AcuteNet application code and customer’s encrypted patient data.

AcuteNet Customers’ containers can only be unlocked and decrypted by authorized users in that state or region, while patient data is locked and encrypted to everyone else — including AcuteNet.

AcuteNet Customers can also use their own data center infrastructure to host their AcuteNet Containers. However most Customers opt to use AcuteNet Private Cloud infrastructure due to high level of data center security and economy of scale.

AcuteNet works with trusted partners to deliver the most reliable, scalable and affordable cloud computing capability for its Customers. AcuteNet partners are NTT DATA, CogecoPeer1, Red Hat and GeeksForLess.

Case Study